Welcome Letters 2014

Dear participants, guests and organizers,

On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan I welcome and congratulate the participants and organizers with the opening of Exhibition for Food Industry WorldFood Kazakhstan and Agriculture Exhibition AgroWorld Kazakhstan.

Providing of Kazakhs with food is of primary importance in the development of the state as a whole. In this regard the government implements successfully the Program for the development of agricultural sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013 – 2020 years – Agribusiness-2020. The main objective of the Program is to create conditions for improving the competitiveness of agribusiness entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To do this, the government is working on financial improvement, increasing of the availability of goods, works and services for the agribusiness entities, on development of public support systems for agribusiness entities, as well as on improving the effectiveness of state regulation of agricultural sector.

WorldFood Kazakhstan is a professional event, demonstrating the entire spectrum of food production, from raw materials to finished products. Along with the new products of the global food market, the exhibition will feature domestic companies, seeking to develop the competitiveness of our products.

I am convinced that WorldFood Kazakhstan 2014 will be a successful platform for open and constructive dialogue, the search for new technologies and equipment, and an extensive business program of the exhibition will facilitate contacts between domestic and foreign manufacturers, which at large will contribute to the successful development of agricultural sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

I wish to the organizers, participants and guests a fruitful work, new interesting contracts and success in business!

A.S. Mamytbekov
Minister of Agriculture
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear guests!
Dear Exhibitors!

We are happy to see you at the international exhibition WorldFood Kazakhstan 2014 and AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2014 in Almaty.

Almaty is Kazakhstan's economic, cultural and educational centre.

As you know, the Republic of Kazakhstan is a country with diverse and rapidly growing industry, including food and food processing. The growth of these industries helps to achieve higher quality of food products and enhanced integration of processing companies.

During the exhibitions companies can show achievements in the development of food and food processing industries, exchange business information and discuss the issues affecting the future of the industry.

We are happy that these exhibitions have become a traditional event and earned a well-deserved reputation and recognition of leading enterprises and companies in Kazakhstan, as well as in other countries, both nearby and faraway.

I wish all the participants and organisers to enjoy success, sign mutually beneficial agreements and grow their business further.

E. A. Shormanov
Deputy Akim (Mayor) of Almaty


Dear Guests, Organizers and Exhibitors!

On behalf of the Embassy of Hungary to the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome all exhibitors and visitors of the largest agricultural exhibition in Central Asia.

The agriculture of Kazakhstan plays a significant role in the economy of the country and in the entire Central Asian region. Exhibitions are mirrors to the state of the market, and with the development of the WorldFood we see the new achievements of the food industry and the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan. This is the third year that Hungarian companies present themselves on this outstanding exhibition. We are very pleased with their presence, as it is a proof of their success in this market. The Hungarian agriculture has rich traditions; it is famous for its effectiveness and innovative solutions

Kazakhstan is a Strategic Partner for Hungary and this fact is reflected in the content and form of the Hungarian pavilion. We are confident that the participation in the most important exhibition of the agricultural sector in Central Asia will help Hungarian companies in establishing further connections and business opportunities on the Central Asian market.

While thanking the organizers, I wish all the exhibitors and visitors success in their work, in finding new solutions, and reaching great achievements.

I wish you all good cooperation, successful and effective dialogue, and creative work, and all the best.

Yours faithfully,

Imre Laszlóczki
Ambassador of Hungary