Millano Group is a Polish company with over 35 years of experience in the production of the highest quality chocolate

Millano Group is a Polish company with over 35 years of experience in the production of the highest quality chocolate. Using valuable gifts of nature from around the world and carefully choosing ingredients, the company creates an intense, unique taste of chocolate.
Millano Group is one of the largest enterprises in the food industry (confectionery industry) both in Poland and in Europe. Thanks to three production centers and independent, modern technological lines, the company is able to offer its trading partners a wide range of products:

• widely developed chocolate confectionery, among others: hard chocolates, with toppings and stuffed in many flavors, chocolate boxes with stuffed pralines, stuffed bars, “Cat Tongues”, eggs, balls and many others;
• a wide range of sweets: fudges, hard caramels, sparkling caramels, chocolate covered toffee and others;
• jellies and jelly beans in various flavors and forms;
• original, personalized packaging designs;
• dark, white, milk chocolate with various fillings - from traditional nut, strawberry, coffee to mojito or lime with mint;
• masses produced based on UTZ, RSPO, Fair Trade and ISO 22000 certificates;
• various types of packaging: foil, carton, can, label;
• delivering products to every part of the world.

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The company is the largest producer and supplier of private label products of large retail
chains in Poland (Biedronka, Intermarche, Auchan) and abroad.
Millano Group is a dynamically developing company whose modern machinery park produces several hundred tons of chocolate products per day. The products are distributed to over 50 countries around the world, including: United States, Great Britain, China, Japan, Australia, Belgium and Mexico.
The main company’ assumptions are the creation of products based on the highest quality ingredients, respecting human rights and care for the natural environment. The company's mission is to provide products that give consumers satisfaction and pleasure, which are both safe and environmental friendly.
The Millano Group offer includes products targeted at various market segments. Baron Excellent, Pomorzanka and Hibbi are brands that are targeted at a wide and diverse consumers.
Baron Excellent is a brand that was founded over 30 years ago. Products signed with this brand are a combination of traditional recipes and the art of combining ingredients into chocolate flavour compositions. Cocoa, which is the basis of each of the chocolates and pralines produced under the Baron Excellent brand, mainly from Ivory Coast. The Baron Excellent brand offers a wide range of year-round products and a range of occasional offers for Valentine's Day, Easter or Christmas.
Hibbi is a brand created for the youngest chocolate lovers. The brand's face is a sympathetic Hippo that encourages children to an active lifestyle. Hibbi products are directed at modern parents who are aware of their shopping choices and care for the health of their children.
Pomorzanka is a brand founded in 1946. It is known mainly for the production of fruit jellies ''Makarena'' and marshmallows covered with milk chocolate ''Super Mleczko''. At KDC Pomorzanka, products are largely hand made.

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