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Eating cereal grains, like corn, wheat, and rice, among others, directly from nature is nearly impossible for humans due to the hardness of the grains. One of the processes known to overcome this is to puff them, subjecting the grains to high pressure to load them with energy, and then releasing them suddenly to obtain the same whole grains but somewhere between 7x to 12x the volume!

DSC 2550 puffed soft wheat with colored sugar coating min DSC 2596 puffed popcorn with colored sugar coating min DSC 2563 puffed rice min

The puffing technology has been around for at least 100 years and remained virtually unchanged for that time, with the "cannon" process facing challenges like dangerous operation with open flames, product waste, and final product heterogeneous results.

DSC 2581 puffed quinoa min DSC 2546 puffed soft wheat with sugar and choco coating DSC 2567 puffed rice with colored sugar coating min DSC 2631 puffed rice in chocolate bar min
CEREX AG is a Swiss company famous for tackling the puffing process challenges and designing the safest, cleanest, and most planet-friendly puffing system in the world. An automatic puffing process that is now being used worldwide for its Yield (up to 95%), Unmatched energy efficiency, Consistently good product quality, and High availability, which translates into low operation cost and of course, remarkable ROI.

Puffing puffing2

Nowadays, the demand for wellness-focused products has skyrocketed, and puffed cereals are the most natural, most healthy, and most innovative element in meeting this standard. So they have the flexibility for both:
1. Entering the retail market as expanded cereals, plain or coated with honey or even chocolate, for breakfast or snacks
2. Entering the B2B market as exclusive ingredients for Granola, Cereal Bars, Chocolates, Yogurt, and the Baking Industry among many others

Besides the puffing system, it was only natural for the company to grow around its vision, which is why CEREX also provides Coating solutions, and dryers/roasters that have been integrated into cereal, Granola, and nuts and seeds processing lines.

In addition to the Food Industry, there are other applications for this technology worth considering. For example: Tobacco industry can benefit by puffing the tobacco stems and increasing the Yield!



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