Vamin Tatarstan LLC is a producer of environmentally friendly dairy products from Tatarstan

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Natural, healthy and tasty products for every home!

VAMIN is a producer of environmentally friendly dairy products from Tatarstan. Over 100 years of operation, our company has managed to accumulate invaluable experience, which formed the basis for the production of natural, tasty and truly healthy milk products, and to assemble a team of like-minded people. We improved our production capacity and trained ourselves in various technologies, and the result was that we became one of the largest cheese producers in Kazan and throughout Russia. Today we have: almost completely automated lines; two-stage quality control of raw materials and finished goods to guarantee safety and compliance with all industry standards; packaging in a modified gas environment to preserve the microflora of the product; daily production of up to 100 tons of products, which allows for uninterrupted supplies in any volume.

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The company’s product range includes popular product categories: hard and semi-hard cheese, butter, skimmed milk powder, spread, dry demineralized cheese whey, and milk-containing cheese product.

The line of cheeses and butter includes both classic varieties - Russian, Creamy, Marble, Farm, Dutch, Gouda, Edam, and premium ones - Parmesan, Maasdam, Tilsit, Imperial, Merchant.

Our plant for the production of cheese, butter, whey and milk powder will help you replenish your assortment with high-margin goods!


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