VivaChoco Confectionery Factory

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Our factory produces natural chocolate candies, as well as multi-grain candies, cookies and waffles

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The following samples of our products will be presented at the Food Expo exhibition:

• A children’s line of milk chocolate candies with a variety of cream fillings in colorful gift boxes with coming alive coloring books/toys inside. Ideal for a gift for a child!
• ECO line of whole candies made of milk, dark and bitter chocolate with stevia (sugar-free)
• Multigrain candies made of three grains, rich in protein and vitamins
• Delicate butter cookies made with natural butter (in assortment)
• Short melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies (in assortment)
• Soft and airy milk waffles (in assortment)

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  Our new products:

• Children’s advent calendars with milk chocolate candies with a variety of cream fillings, with quests and puzzles inside. The best gift for your child!
• Children’s candies made of milk chocolate with milk filling without sugar

Our products are made of the highest quality raw materials using modern equipment. We guarantee the highest quality of our products
VivaChoco products do not contain GMOs and palm oil
Our candies are not just a delicious sweet, but also exciting entertainment for children.


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