Mareven Food Tian-Shan

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Instant noodles, pasta and drinks will be presented at the exhibition by Mareven Food Tian-Shan, the Vietnamese-Japanese company.

Mareven Food Tian-Shan, a Vietnamese-Japanese trading and production company that produces instant noodles, pasta, snacks and drinks under such well-known brands as Rollton, BIGBON, RolRol, Sunbel, Actibo, etc., will present its products at International FoodExpo Qazakhstan 2023 exhibition.

The company’s factory is located in Kazakhstan, in the Almaty region near Konayev city. Every year the factory produces more than 40 thousand tons of finished products, which go to the market of Kazakhstan, as well as for export to the countries of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Moldova, etc.

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During the three days of the exhibition, representatives of the company will be happy to meet you at location 9-463.

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