Cherkizovo Group is the largest meat producer in Russia

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City: Russia, Moscow
Year of formation: 1974
Number of employees: 40,000

Export geography: more than 20 countries, including China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Benin, Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, CIS countries and the Customs Union countries, etc.

Cherkizovo Group is the largest meat producer in Russia. The company is one of the three leaders in the markets of chicken meat, turkey meat and processed meat products in the Russian Federation. The company’s advantage is vertical integration, which unites all links of the agricultural chain - from growing grain to producing finished products. The Group also includes an oil extraction plant, the second largest processor of non-GMO soy beans in Russia. Products of the oil extraction plant are supplied to the Group’s animal feed mills and for export.


• Chicken
• Turkey
• Finished poultry products (nuggets, strips)
• Soy bean oil, soy oil meal, soy lecithin, soy shell
• Non-consumer products (hatching eggs, granular fertilizer, feed meal, fat).

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• Vertically integrated, largely self-sustaining business model
• Strong portfolio of brands with growing market share in retail
• Key supplier of fast food chains
• Cherkizov Laboratory is an innovative research and development center of the European level, the only one of its kind in agro-industrial complex in Russia. Engaged in food research and giving the company full control over product quality and safety

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