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KAZBEEF is a vertically integrated company, where the full production cycle from “grain to steak” is established.

Kazbeef is constantly working to improve the range of finished products and increase the level of food safety.

As part of FSSC 22000 certification, the company undergoes an annual international food safety management audit, and staff undergoes appropriate training.
In addition to guaranteeing high quality beef, the integrated approach makes it possible to quickly respond to changes in market trends, constantly improve the finished product in accordance with global trends, and also bring all consumer wishes into reality.

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The structure of the company:

- Feed production
KazBeef has sown lands for growing grain fattening components. This is corn, barley, wheat on 6,000 hectares of Zerenda

- Fattening
Grain fattening is a key factor in the production technology of premium marbled beef, which gives marbling and better taste to the meat. Malik Gabdullin village.

- Meat processing plant
KazBeef uses the North American producers’ NAMP standard for cutting meat into individual cuts. This standard guarantees the same size and degree of stripping from batch to batch. Shchuchinsk, Akmola region.

- Uterine reproducer
The pedigree reproducer is designed for breeding pedigree cattle that meet all the necessary breed standards and the production of seed material for selection.
In 2010, purebred highly productive pedigree cattle of the Hereford and Aberdeen Angus breeds were imported from North Dakota, the American state. Mamai village, Birzhan Sal district, Akmola region.

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