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NISSIN FOODS GROUP is one of the world's largest international manufacturers of instant noodles.

The history of NISSIN FOODS GROUP begins in 1958, when the founder of our company Momofuku Ando developed and launched his legendary product, Chicken Ramen, becoming the inventor of the world's first instant noodles.


Founder, Momofuku Ando

Today, NISSIN FOODS GROUP continues to bring original and innovative products to customers around the world. Innovation has been a priority for our company from the very beginning: by producing instant food products we have always strived to find new and increasingly effective ways to make the world a happier place to live.

The history of our innovative products

• 1958  Chicken Ramen, the world's first instant noodle, was introduced to the market.

Work Shed at the residence of Founder, Momofuku Ando (reproduction).


Chicken Ramen (At the time of launch)

 nisin3 min

  •  1971  Cup Noodles, the world's first instant noodles in a cup, was introduced to the market.

Founder, Momofuku Ando, visited the USA for marketing research.


Cup Noodles (At the time of launch)



  • 2005   Space Ram ramen for astronauts, jointly developed by NISSIN FOODS GROUP and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), was launched into space aboard the Space Shuttle “Discovery”.

 Founder, Momofuku Ando unveiling at press conference of "Space Ram". Mr. Ando had led the product development project.


  Space Ram


Global presence

NISSIN FOODS GROUP has an extensive global presence with 34 manufacturing plants in 16 different countries. Our products are sold in more than 100 countries.

The number of employees on a consolidated basis is 15,227 people.


Products for Kazakhstan market

  • Nissin Ramen – A line of noodles for cooking in the traditional Japanese style, presented in 4 different flavors, which are not currently available on the Kazakhstan market. The unique taste of authentic Japanese dishes that can be easily prepared right at home!

   Nissin Ramen 4 SKU

  • Cup Noodles – Instant noodles in a cup. This is a legendary, unique, and globally recognizable product which is the hallmark of NISSIN company.

nissin9 nissin10

  • Gekikara – Noodles for cooking in a pack with super-hot flavors. A competitive product on the market of imported goods in Kazakhstan, where now spicy noodles are mostly sold.     nissin11Gekikara 3

*All products are Halal certified.

We will be glad to see you during the exhibition at our company’s stand 9-510!


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