World Bank is Interested in Organic Beef from Kazakhstan

The ability to quickly increase the production of organic meat is a competitive advantage of Kazakhstan due to the availability of clean pasture land.
This position is enshrined in the five-year Program for the animal husbandry sustainable development, which starts in the country in 2021 with the support of the World Bank.

According to the vice-minister of agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulmira Isaeva, last week saw online consultations of specialists of the agrarian department and the World Bank. Marina Alekseyevna, prorector of the Kazakh National Agrarian University and Amina Akhmetzhanova, GR manager Kusto Group also participated in that work.

The Program for the sustainable development of animal husbandry will be a logical continuation of the State Program for the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex, which will end in 2021.

The document is based on a model for the development of livestock and meat processing industries, which is focused on a farmer interacting with specialized farms for growing and rearing calves, as well as feedlots and meat processing plants.

The main task is to create an electronic traceability system that affects all stages of the chain - from registration of young animals to obtaining final products at meat processing enterprises.
The improvement of veterinary safety should be facilitated by the involvement of the International Epizootic Bureau and the French Ministry of Agriculture, as well as private veterinarians.

It is planed to train 100 thousand farmers, including through distance learning courses that are already actively introduced by agricultural universities. At the same time, the number of farmers who are constantly involved in the production of competitive high-quality beef in five years should grow to 20 thousand.

Note that during the implementation of the program such a financing tool as PforR - focus on results will be applied for the first time.


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